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Hjort 38 cm

Skinn: kronhjort  / Stag

Ram: massive hardwood

Dia:  38 cm

Färgat med henna och gurkmeja

Stämbar trumma

This Earthdancer drum is made from the skin of a stag hunted in Norway

The frame is massive hard wood

The colour on the skin is made with henna and turmeric.

The drum can be tuned with the help of an bicycle pump

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This drum cary a broad spectra of sounds and is the perfect instrument for any body that wants to have a versatile tunable hand drum. Whether you are using your drum in the studio, on stage or by yourself out in the forest you will always be able to get a good sound from this drum no mater if you play with your hands or with a stick , Thanks to the pump and the hose between the frame and the skin you can tune the drum to other instrument and if you are outside where drums made from raw animal hide often gets soft and loses there sound and has to be heated to regain its sound with this drum you simply pump you drum and get great sound.

With its 38 cm in diameter it is the perfect drum to bring hiking and travelling with a good back (get one here) with room for pump and stick and maybe a blanket and some smudge.

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